Quickly positionable charging box with 40 kW output power.


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Technical Data

CEE connection 125 A
Input voltage range: 3Phase, 260Vac – 530Vac

DC output:
Max. output power: 40 kW
Output voltage range: 200 V950 V DC
CCS PLC: DIN 70121, ISO 15118

Air cooling

Storage temperature: -40°~ +70°
Communication: WIFI
Average operating time between failures: >500.000 hours
Safety standards: IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-23, CE
Electromagnetic compatibility: 2014/30/EU

There are a lot of several needs that will be addressed with charge4hire mobile charging stations:

Durch den Handelsüblichen 125A CEE Anschluss kann die DCBox frei positioniert werden und an den meisten Gebäuden direkt versorgt werden.

·         Exhibition, Racing Events, Concerts and other events: The solution perfectly fits to any use where the need of charging stations is just of temporary nature.

·         Bridging construction time: During construction, the required charging power can now be easily provided on another location nearby.

·         Field tests under real service conditions: Bus and other fleet operator can now test their fleet setup under real operating conditions to identify and confirm the perfect charging concept for safe, smooth and efficient operation. This reduces planning uncertainties to a minimum.

·         Testing new charging scenarios or locations: Charge point operators (CPO) can now test the acceptance and utilization of new charging locations instead of investing into the blue.

·        Covering capacity peaks: Charge point operators (CPO) can as of now absorb peak loads, e.g. at holiday or trade fair times, which allows them to optimize the station design.

Even of different nature, all use cases have a common sense: Thanks to the eLoaded mobile solutions, charging points are always available when they are needed. And only, when they are needed.